2021 Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival

July 6 - July 25, 2021
Tuition-Free at University of South Florida, Tampa

Special Programs

Virtual RPPF-Mini

By appointment only
Mini is a boot-camp for Strategies in Career Development. Pianists age 21-31 who are undergraduate seniors, graduate students, or who have just completed a graduate degree are invited to participate at any time. Everyone may attend the the online lecture by James Douthit, Dean, Hayes School of Music (ASU) cost-free.

The purpose of RPPF-Mini is twofold:

  • To help you build a distinctive career skill-set.
  • To guide and shape the development of your professional profile.

Topics include:

  • Cover letter and CV
  • Telephone and live interviews
  • Personal philosophy
  • Lecture presentation and masterclass lesson
  • References and recording

Please email us to discuss your specific needs before registering. Your registration is non-refundable.

Fees for Mini

1 hour – $65
2 hours – $125
5 hours – $275
8 hours – $425

Choose per hour option

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Watch & Study

RPPF’s Watch & Study provides an opportunity for teachers, students, and piano lovers to observe a variety of RPPF events and classes and/or to receive a set number of private lessons during a limited time frame.

Choose a package that fits your needs – from 1 day up to 5 days – to be arranged during the course of the summer festival.

This program is not tuition-free. Watch & Study is arranged on an individual basis and rates are listed below. Registration is non-refundable.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, food, transportation, and parking.

To receive more information and to set up your own unique Watch & Study experience, please email us!


Watch & Study:

1 Day Pass – $125
2 Day Pass – $250
3 Day Pass – $375
4 Day Pass – $500
5 Day Pass – $625

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Colina Concerto Project

POSTPONED due to COVID-19. We will reschedule as soon as possible!

RPPF is thrilled to present a contemporary concerto recording opportunity for selected RPPF Alumni.

My long-time friend and composer Michael Colina, has recently finished a lengthy 5-movement piano concerto that will be rehearsed, recorded, and performed May 25-30, 2020 at USF in Tampa. The project will take place in the USF Concert Hall with The Florida Orchestra conducted by Stuart Malina (Music Director and Conductor of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra; Principal Guest Conductor of The Florida Orchestra). Recording sessions will be filmed as well as recorded. A live run-through performance with audience is planned for May 29.

All are welcome to attend.

This project is intended as a career builder for young pianists. Five pianists will learn and perform one movement each. The soloists will receive national and international publicity and will also receive complimentary CD’s and DVD’s. Travel inside the USA, hotel, per-diem, and local transportation will be covered.

We hope to do more projects like this in the future!

Rebecca Penneys

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The Steinway pianos at USF are made possible by the kind assistance of the Music Gallery, Clearwater, Florida. THANK YOU!