2023 Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival

June 27 - July 17, 2023
Tuition-Free at University of South Florida, Tampa

Living our Mission


for participants – summer 2023

RPPF is thrilled to present an opportunity to explore diverse and less traditional career paths as well as different modalities of musical expression.

The dreamscape weekend is intended as a career builder for RPPF pianists. We want to help each one of you hear and follow your own inner voice and to assist you in discovering and building your own dreams.

All of us have dreams. Sometimes they are sounds, sometimes they are ideas, stories or visions. They can pop in at night, or in daylight as daydreams, or present themselves as various fragments at any time over many weeks, months or even years. They can be vague; they can be vivid; they can be recurrent.

At RPPF we create different kinds of projects designed to help you find and open your own doors and windows, to step through thresholds into your own unique space so your own dreams can be born and nourished to fruition. We hope you will find that place of magic, that bridge or pathway, that links what you have with what you want.

Our dreamscapes weekend for 2023 will feature Connor Chee, Catarina Domenici, and Kenneth Frazelle. Catarina and Connor are both pianist-composers who not only who received traditional academic training in top music schools, but earned graduate degrees in piano performance. Ken is a composer and avid water colorist. Due to family circumstance, he was unable to deliver our commissioned 10th Anniversary piece last summer. We are eager to unveil it this summer. Both Connor and Catarina will be writing short pieces for RPPF 2023. All three will share a Faculty Forum about how they found their voice and charted their career paths. They will also teach sessions that explore improvisation, understanding new sounds in new pieces, and developing freedom in interpretation. Read more about them on the Artist Faculty page.

Piano Doc Virtual

make a reservation!

Welcome to Piano Doc Virtual, an informal online gathering to help you realize your dreams and be your own sunshine. We will use a Talk-Play-Teach format to discuss your questions and concerns. If you want, I can tell you stories about my mentors: Tzerko, Lhevinne, Rubinstein, Sebok, and Pressler!

To schedule a session, send in this SHORT FORM. Please be a serious pianist, at least 15 years old, and have a Zoom set-up at the piano. Once your session is scheduled, the Zoom link will be sent.

FEE: We invite you to make a tax-deductible gift (the amount is your choice) to RPPF. USE THIS LINK!

From my perspective, flexibility is key in everything piano. Piano is a journey into yourself through sound, love, excitement, education, change and enormous beauty. Like the solar system, we are always in motion. Join me to explore imagination in all aspects of piano. Take the leap, jump in, and catch the magic!

Hope to see and hear you on Zoom!   –Rebecca Penneys

Watch & Study

RPPF’s Watch & Study provides an opportunity for teachers, students, and piano lovers to observe a variety of RPPF events and classes. You may be able to receive one or two private lessons during a limited time frame.

We can help you choose a package that fits your needs – from 1 day up to 5 days – to be arranged during the course of the summer festival.

This program is not tuition-free. Watch & Study is arranged on an individual basis. Rates are listed here. Registration is non-refundable. Participants must be fully vaccinated.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, food, transportation, and parking.

To receive more information and to set up your own unique Watch & Study experience, please email us!

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to visit you and RPPF last week. I am already missing the lively atmosphere of the festival. It was truly the highlight of my year. Thank You so much for arranging my impromptu visit, for making the time to work together and for your advice on steps I am taking at this stage of my life and career.” — (Canada) Dane Ko

Watch & Study Fees without lessons

1 Day Pass – $125
2 Day Pass – $250
3 Day Pass – $375
4 Day Pass – $500
5 Day Pass – $625



RPPF Mini addresses Strategies in Career Development. Pianists age 21-31 who are undergraduate seniors, graduate students, or who have just completed a graduate degree are invited to participate. During the festival, RPPF participants are encouraged to attend lectures by James Douthit, Dean, Hayes School of Music (ASU) cost-free. Additional help by zoom, face-time or email is available year-round from Dean Douthit, Professor Penneys or Team RPPF. The fee structure is below.

The purpose of RPPF-Mini is twofold:

  • To help you build a distinctive career skill-set.
  • To guide and shape the development of your professional profile.

Topics include:

  • Cover letter and CV
  • Telephone and live interviews
  • Personal philosophy
  • Lecture presentation and masterclass lesson
  • References and recording

Please email us to discuss your specific needs before registering. Your registration is non-refundable.

Fees for Mini Help

1 hour – $70
2 hours – $130
5 hours – $310
8 hours – $480

Register for RPPF Mini

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