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RPPF’s Watch & Study provides an opportunity for teachers, students, and piano lovers to observe a variety of RPPF events and classes. You may be able to receive one or two private lessons during a limited time frame with our unique staff who are all wonderful and successful pianist-teachers.

We can help you choose a package that fits your needs – from 1 day up to 5 days – to be arranged during the course of the summer festival.

This program is not tuition-free. Watch & Study is arranged on an individual basis. Rates are listed here. Registration is non-refundable. Participants must be fully vaccinated.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, food, transportation, and parking.

To receive more information and to set up your own unique Watch & Study experience, please email us!

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to visit you and RPPF last week. I am already missing the lively atmosphere of the festival. It was truly the highlight of my year. Thank You so much for arranging my impromptu visit, for making the time to work together and for your advice on steps I am taking at this stage of my life and career.” — (Canada) Dane Ko



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