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RPPF Mini addresses Strategies in Career Development. Pianists age 21-31 who are undergraduate seniors, graduate students, or who have just completed a graduate degree are invited to participate. During the festival, RPPF participants are encouraged to attend lectures by James Douthit, Dean, Hayes School of Music (ASU) cost-free. Additional help by zoom, face-time or email is available year-round from Dean Douthit, Professor Penneys or Team RPPF. The fee structure is below.

The purpose of RPPF-Mini is twofold:

  • To help you build a distinctive career skill-set.
  • To guide and shape the development of your professional profile.

Topics include:

  • Cover letter and CV
  • Telephone and live interviews
  • Personal philosophy
  • Lecture presentation and masterclass lesson
  • References and recording

Please email us to discuss your specific needs before registering. Your registration is non-refundable.



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