My Take on RPPF – Letter from an Alum

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Festival

My Take on RPPF – Letter from RPPF Alum, Esther Jee Hae Ahn 

Photo: (L-R Esther Jee Hae Ahn, E-Na Song, Sarah Gao

It is with boundless joy that I partake in the launching of RPPF 2022 and the celebration of its 10th anniversary! As a former participant of the program myself, it is amazing to witness how immensely the festival has grown over the past decade, and I am thrilled for this opportunity to contribute to a new season of pianistic bliss together with exceptional young pianists and superb faculty members. At its core, RPPF is a stepping stone to artistic identity and success, where a uniquely personal and transformative journey of finding one’s original and creative voice takes place. Coupled with an approach to learning both within and outside of traditional contexts, its mission to help aspiring pianists unlock their potential and dream resonates the most with my heart. The program features an intense combination of a semester’s worth of private lessons, daily masterclasses, performances, special programs and legacy sessions—and it is this immersive experience that provided me with an expansive insight, greater awareness and stronger musical vision. Two of my favorite memories are the Legacy Artists series and Faculty Q&A, which take students through a fascinating trip back in time and space in an intimate setting. The stories faculty share are not only eye-opening, but they enlightened me to draw from and build upon their pearls of wisdom and wealth of knowledge that set me on an exuberant path to self-discovery and sound identity. I hope your time at RPPF this summer offers the scope and depth of experience you desire, nourishment to your musical growth, and life-long friendship and support in the wonderful community of faculty and students. I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you as I join the staff this summer! 


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