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RPPF-Mini Mission and Purpose


Our objective is to help you make a successful and profitable transition

from student to pedagogue-performer.

Anyone who has a teaching/performing career will confirm that competition for employment is fierce.

RPPF-Mini is an intense seminar for those who really want a life-long career in music.

Our focus on individual career components will help you create a unique and strong skill-set in order to reach your goals.

Mini is tuition-free!


The most important word that I learned from the four days at RPPF- Mini is focus. Musicians of my generation are very prone to losing focus on what we are doing because we overemphasize how difficult it is to live a life of a musician. While I have always endeavored to be focused on and dedicated to my pursuits, negative thoughts regarding the prospects of musicians have been quite overwhelming and have taken their toll on me and many of my colleagues. The reiteration of the importance of having a focus and to never lose individuality in the positive sense, which is the most valuable asset of a person in this world, has been tremendous encouragement to me and has rekindled my passion for what I have always been doing. I would like to thank you for your wonderful gifts of RPPF and RPPF-mini, as I have benefited from both beyond what I could have ever imagined. With gratitude and best wishes,

Tak Yan Yeung, Hong Kong, Texas Christian University


Brief comments by Professor Penneys on Mini 2019


For many years Professor Emerita of Piano Rebecca Penneys taught Transition from Student to Teacher, an elective course at the Eastman School of Music. It was very popular as well as tremendously valuable and interesting. After years of being on the student or receiving end, graduating pianists suddenly needed to learn to give back, mentor successfully, and communicate clearly with an audience, student, or potential employer. RPPF-Mini is the continuation of that ESM course. No one wakes up one day and miraculously has a winning cover letter, refined resume, or the ability to sparkle during an interview. The expertise necessary to capture one's dream job is acquired. Fortunately, all of these skills can be learned the same way we learn to play piano, by practicing!



2019 Mentors - Coaches


Rebecca Penneys, Professor Emerita Eastman School of Music

Karen Bryan, Director, University of South Florida School of Music

James Douthit, Dean, Hayes School of Music, Appalachian State University

Nancy Preis, Arts Administrator

Yueun Kim, Assistant Director, RPPF & Mini

Sung-Soo Cho, Alumni Presenter, RPPF-Mini

2019 Staff

Tabitha Columbare, Assistant Director, RPPF & Mini (off-site)

E-Na Song, Coordinator of Student Services, RPPF & Mini

Winston (Jinsung) Kim, Coordinator of Student Services, RPPF & Mini

JiEun Jenny Park, Assistant Coordinator of Student Services, RPPF & Mini



"RPPF Mini was an idiomatic workshop for me at the moment. As I recently completed my graduate studies, I really needed a workshop that would prepare me for a job market. Not only I learned a lot, but also I became much more confident!"  

Sung-Soo Cho, S. Korea - NYC





Goals: What training will cover


CV and Resume Telephone interview
Cover Letter Live interview
References Lesson/Masterclass
Recordings Lecture Presentation
Audition & Marketing Follow-up
Professional Philosophy Negotiation


What you will take away from RPPF-Mini


Professional resume & cover letter Video of your interview
Experience in the total application process Video of your teaching
Coaching for successful master class/lessons Video of your presentation
Tips for any lecture performance Contract negotiation tips


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