RPPF is like a Turkish Bazaar for pianists!


At RPPF we  offer daily lessons, afternoon special topic classes classes, LEGACY classes and nightly master classes with all our artist faculty. Students determine their own course of study and may have lessons and classes with as many teachers as possible, even every day! Unique to RPPF is the opportunity for each pianist to have private lessons from 16 artist professors on all aspects of learning and performing repertoire from traditional and innovative perspectives. Our class themes vary depending on students' needs and requests. We have a weekly Q & A forum where students can talk to artist faculty very informally.



Arthur Greene

 and Schumann

Special Topic themes for this summer include:



Etudes and technique

Attention & Memory

Handling stress



Making interpretation


Dalcroze Eurthymics Experience* 





Gyorgy Sebok -  A Legacy to celebrate!


 LEGACY explores our souls as pianists and our rich

piano traditions in practice and performance.

We experience and the awesome playing of living and

deceased artists.




Decisions are tough!

So many choices --

      so many lessons, classes, concerts!!!






Legacy Artists 2018: Lincoln Mayorga & Jerome Lowenthal



RPPF is definitely intense.

Its a wonderful opportunity to learn from dedicated

acclaimed professors who all have something personal

and unique to say to each one of you.


        This is my dream gift to each one of you for your future and the future of piano.

Come and enjoy!









Thank you Professor Rebecca Penneys and festival team for hosting RPPF 2017 and making it such a wonderful and memorable piano festival! I really had an invaluable time learning, performing, and being challenged to expand my musical and creative capacity. I loved and appreciated the supportive atmosphere and the encouragement from faculty and peers. I'm excited to apply the tools I learned to my own practice. I will definitely miss everyone a lot.         -Kevin Rahardjo, Indonesia, Portland State University









*Comment by Terry Boyarsky, Pianist/Dalcroze Eurhythmics Instructor

Watch Dalcroze at #RPPF2019

Dalcroze Eurhythmics offers a unique approach to music by simultaneously engaging mind, body and feelings. The challenge is to participate fully in the musical experience of the moment. Eurhythmics ("good rhythm") games consist of listening and responding to music, as well as observing oneself in movement.All elements of rhythm are explored, from the most basic (pulse, meter, phrasing, accents, rhythmic patterns) to the more advanced (such as tempo, syncopation, ensemble, cross-rhythms, anacrusis, and agogics). Solfège consists of the study of pitch relationships, supported by a foundation of vibrant rhythm. Improvisation is an integral part of the training, and exists as a laboratory for synthesizing good rhythm and clear tonal relationships. Class work takes place in a lively group situation. Through attentive, active and sensitive participation, one learns to solve practice and performance problems. Dalcroze Euryhthmics can benefit musicians, actors, athletes, and dancers by using body and voice in a more relaxed, joyful way to develop inner hearing, good timing, perception, memory, awareness, phrasing and flow.














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