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Professor Rebecca Penneys introduces RPPF 2017 at USF in Tampa.

And yes, we will of course have our annual beach day, dolphin cruise & Chihuly treat!






My time at the 2016 RPPF has truly been one of the best weeks of both my musical and personal life. The incredible inspiration, vitality, and generosity that I received during the festival was the result of Rebecca Penneys' leadership, the high level of the faculty, and the organization of Tabitha and administration. The amalgamation of frequent lessons (almost daily if one desires), an abundance of performance opportunities (I played on WUSF radio, the student showcase concert, and two of the Ambassador series concerts), and many creative special topics classes on specific topics, led to a culture of intellectual progression and emotional creativity. In addition, there were fun off-days on the weekend that included a relaxing beach day and a dolphin cruise. I am touched by the creation of such a festival - it is truly a "gift" by Rebecca Penneys and all the faculty and volunteers involved; not only is it tuition free, but you can deeply feel that the faculty is genuinely invested in your growth and journey. Out of the plethora of internationally esteemed music festivals that I have attended, I can say with conviction and clarity that RPPF is inimitable and by far my favorite festival experience. Thank you so much to Rebecca Penneys, the amazing faculty, and Tabitha - I am grateful beyond words.

                                                                                                                    --- Andrew Yang, Mannes School of Music, USA




Build your future at RPPF!

The purpose of the Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival is to understand and encourage the uniqueness of each student’s talents and career goals. My personal mission is to promote a creative and successful enhancement to the traditional academic school year, to create a kind of Turkish Bazaar for pianists. Our program offers an exceptional and exciting mixture of traditional and innovative classes, lessons and concerts with an international multi-generational faculty and LEGACY guests. We offer all the lessons and practice time (7:30 am to midnight) you could wish for. There are daily lessons, classes and wonderful performance opportunities. Students design their own course of study and may have lessons and classes with as many teachers as possible, even every day! Unique to RPPF is the opportunity for each pianist to have private lessons from 16 artist-teachers on all aspects of learning and performing repertoire. Our class themes are broadly as follows but we also have short Special Topic sessions almost daily. Special Topic Classes cater to the students' needs. A list of Special Topics for 2017 is below.



RPPF Themes:

Motion and Emotion: How to use physical motions in playing to achieve maximum emotional expression. The focus is on solving musical and technical problems and developing fluent and efficient practice and performance skills.

Mind-Body Tune Up: Techniques for efficient learning skills and stress management that will help give the best results in practice and performing and also Attention and Memory Training

Master Class: Performance in a public forum followed by advice on improving interpretation, performance skills and coping with performance anxiety

Piano Q&A Forum:  Informal meeting with faculty and guest artists for unscripted discussion

Principles of Interpretations: How musical structure collaborates with musical instinct.Theory as Emotion.

Understanding Styles: How to incorporate historical views on musicianship, articulation and pedaling into interpretation and performance practice.

Wellness and Wholeness: Techniques that develop and promote physical well-being and emotional freedom at the keyboard. Includes discussion of your specific questions and problems.

LEGACY- The Voice of the Piano: Appreciate LEGACY and experience the great tradition of the golden age of pianism through discussion, film and live performance. Learn how sound expresses emotion and individuality.

Special Topics: 2017 classes will include sessions on Etudes, Improvisation, Attention & Memory, Theory as Emotion, Sight-reading, Pedaling, Baroque Dance steps





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