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I am so proud of all the festival students' achievements and am equally thrilled that everyone is so different and unique.



To Festival Students and my own Alumni:

I am your biggest advocate. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to feature and promote your talents as teachers, performers and mentors to future generations. You are all my favorites. It is my pleasure and honor to help you in your professional lives and watch you build your own careers. I adore the fact that the deep friendships and connections we have made are timeless.

                                   Professor Penneys



The tradition of featuring and promoting a diverse mix of junior and senior pianists at all points in their career paths has always been a hallmark of my programs and philosophy, and is responsible for the wonderful and worldwide success of RPPF. Festival pianists are exposed to a dazzling array of successful approaches in teaching and performing. I am truly blessed to be able to continue and expand my viewpoints during RPPF on beautiful Steinway pianos in a Florida paradise at the new University of South Florida School of Music in Tampa.




Rebecca Penneys, Alan Chow, Tabitha Columbare, Tannis Gibson, Christopher Harding, Eunmi Ko,

Norman Krieger, Michael Lewin, Roberta Rust, Omri Shimron, Boris Slutsky, Barry Snyder, Mayron Tsong,

Blanca Uribe, Benjamin Warsaw




     Photo (L to R): Rebecca Penneys, Benjamin Warsaw, Eunmi Ko,Omri Shimron


Our annual Extravaganza showcases what pianists and pianos do for fun. The music is light hearted and combines original and arranged works.



"Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival in Florida was a life-changing experience for me! It was so wonderful to study with great faculty members, young and old, to make friends with great pianists from all over the wold, and to enjoy music, sunshine and the beach together! I love RPPF!".......Tong Zhang, China, Northwestern University





Performance events are open to the public. Donations at the door.









            The family of Steinway pianos was made possible by the kind assistance of the Music Gallery, Clearwater, Florida



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